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Eat Dessert First is for my love of food and sharing my favorites with you.

Hi, I’m Lillie. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2017. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at The Brown Bear Family.

ep 19 spring clean: nicotine

Substance use disorders and addictions are one of the lingering taboos and unfortunate misunderstanding in society at large. Misuse of things like tobacco are alcohol share an incredible level of social tolerance, although tobacco had fallen out of popularity until vaping and e-cigs hooked the younger generation.In this episode, I share a bit of science […]

Ep. 18 / 2020 Wrap up with Lila Asher

What’s there to say? It was a year and we share, to the best of our memory’s ability, to recall important events globally and locally that were personally impactful. Couldn’t bring all this baggage into 2021 with us.Also fair warning, Asher and I recorded nearly 2 hours of audio and I was able to trim […]

Ep 17: Trauma Stewardship and healing changes

In this episode, I wanted to share a great book by Laura VanDernoot Lipsky and Connie Burk, ‘Trauma Stewardship: A guide to caring for self while caring for others’. The founders of the Trauma Stewardship Institute walk the reader through identifying trauma responses and offer helpful, introspective prompts to get you thinking about the work […]

Episode 16: Columbus Ohio’s legacy of racism in urban planning

Columbus Ohio is all too typical of the physical imprint of racism on urban spaces. Redlining, urban highways, white flite, prohibitive zoning… All of these things and more have manifested in the economic and racial segregation that plagues Columbus. This episode shares some insight on Columbus’ “urban problems” and offers several resources for planners and […]


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