Episode 4: Christy Gerencher

Episode 4: Christy Gerencher

The Aviation industry has long been notorious for low minority participation. Christy Gerencher has been in aviation since day one. Since she was old enough to drive herself to flying lessons, she knew that she would be in the industry in some capacity. Over the course of her career, she has stepped away from flying and focused on research. Currently Christy holds position as a Senior Program Manager in the Transportation Research Board, overseeing committees that organize research in aviation and highway based environmental science. In our conversations, she shares how the industry has changed and the many great experiences she’s had in private and non-profit ventures.

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Episode 3: Jocelyn

Episode 3: Jocelyn

It’s not easy being a mixed chick. Dealing with imposter syndrome, over performing, and never quite knowing where you belong. But, we got our curls and our spice!

My friend Jocelyn and I chat about growing up as mixed race individuals in predominately white environments. It’s shaped each of our journeys in different ways, but we notice a lot of common themes.

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Episode 2: Dr Woodburn McNair

This episode features Dr Amber Woodburn McNair of the Ohio State University. She serves as an assistant professor in the Knowlton School as well as the Center for Aviation Studies (both within OSU’s College of Engineering. We sat down to discuss Dr Woodburn’s research and experiences in academia and how her identity and presentation as a woman has affected her journey. She also shared some wonderful advice about navigating the murky waters that await after graduation and the importance of keeping the hustle strong.

Episode 1: my dear friend Donna

Episode 1: Donna

This episode I was excited to sit down with my friend Donna and chat about LGBT+ identities in the workplace. Donna has worked in Tech for a number of years and has experienced many situations in which she had to advocate for herself or a coworker in matters relating to LGBT+ identity. We also reflected on how to practice self-care in the workplace and Donna shared some advice she wishes her younger self had known.

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Hi there! Welcome to STEMS AND LEAVES, the site where you can keep up on latest episodes of my podcast, extra stories that didn’t make the final cut, and cool resources for the STEM-curious.

The idea behind STEMS & LEAVES is to share stories in a space that fosters honest curiosity and leaves conflict at the door. My journey through my identities has been complex and I’ve always wondered who else had the same questions and felt like they didn’t have the space to ask. I hope you’ll join in each episode to hear from our super cool guests and maybe contribute a question or comment.

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