Episode 3: Jocelyn

Episode 3: Jocelyn

It’s not easy being a mixed chick. Dealing with imposter syndrome, over performing, and never quite knowing where you belong. But, we got our curls and our spice!

My friend Jocelyn and I chat about growing up as mixed race individuals in predominately white environments. It’s shaped each of our journeys in different ways, but we notice a lot of common themes.

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Episode 2: Dr Woodburn McNair

This episode features Dr Amber Woodburn McNair of the Ohio State University. She serves as an assistant professor in the Knowlton School as well as the Center for Aviation Studies (both within OSU’s College of Engineering. We sat down to discuss Dr Woodburn’s research and experiences in academia and how her identity and presentation as a woman has affected her journey. She also shared some wonderful advice about navigating the murky waters that await after graduation and the importance of keeping the hustle strong.