Episode 3: Jocelyn

Episode 3: Jocelyn

It’s not easy being a mixed chick. Dealing with imposter syndrome, over performing, and never quite knowing where you belong. But, we got our curls and our spice!

My friend Jocelyn and I chat about growing up as mixed race individuals in predominately white environments. It’s shaped each of our journeys in different ways, but we notice a lot of common themes.

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Episode 1: my dear friend Donna

Episode 1: Donna

This episode I was excited to sit down with my friend Donna and chat about LGBT+ identities in the workplace. Donna has worked in Tech for a number of years and has experienced many situations in which she had to advocate for herself or a coworker in matters relating to LGBT+ identity. We also reflected on how to practice self-care in the workplace and Donna shared some advice she wishes her younger self had known.

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